Why Use HGH Pills?

HGH supplementation through pills or releasers are becoming popular as one of the best dietary supplements because it can help treat problems not just related to height or growth, but also with other disorders, ailments, or health issues relating to growth hormone deficiency.  The truth is HGH has sets of medical uses as well as non-medical uses.

Medical Purposes

Children – the use of HGH supplementation with children who have particular problems with their growth relating to HGH deficiency can significantly benefit from HGH therapy.  If a child is not growing normally the same way as their peers or fellow children are, and dwarfism is not exactly in their genes, then the possibility of deficient growth hormone production can be in question.  Once this has been verified, a child can undertake HGH therapy so he will be able to chase after the average growth of most children.

Adults – due to certain illnesses or therapy, particularly radiation therapy, or possibly some form of surgery in the brain, then it is possible that the production of growth hormones in an adult may be reduced or even cease.  The use of supplementation through HGH therapy can greatly benefit this person because anti aging hormone is also known for its regenerating properties and boosting of the immune system, which is why any disease or disorders may potentially be thwarted by this HGH therapy.

Other Medical Purposes – there are times that rare contracted diseases can occur such as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) which basically destroys the immune system.  During the last stages of this disease, patients usually experience atrophy or a drop in muscles mass which is why they are given HGH therapy so that they will be able to at least build or maintain their muscle mass.

Individuals who have short bowel syndrome, possibly due to the surgical removal of part of their small intestine, or a have a malfunction of their intestines are usually given HGH pills.

Non-medical Purposes

Some people use HGH simply for the thought that it can help them with any of their health issues and wellbeing.  Most physicians do not exactly prescribe HGH for undiagnosed issues; then again, there are HGH preparations that are available over-the-counter for homeopathic medical alternatives.

Since HGH is known to increase energy, stamina, vitality, muscle mass, bone density, memory retention, focus as well as burn fat, reduce weight, and help you to sleep much better, others are relying on these known properties of HGH to help it solve some of their issues.  In fact, there are others who turn to HGH therapy because of the understanding that it can help with your sexual performance and decrease any chances of premature ejaculation.

The anti-aging property of HGH is what many who are overly conscious of their physical appearance are after.  Sometimes, even if the reversal is hardly noticeable, they still would go through great lengths to have that effect because for them, minus three or five wrinkles is definitely worth it.

One of the more controversial aspects in the use of HGH is doping in sports.  Using HGH in professional sports is illegal because it gives the user an unfair advantage over those who do not use the supplementation.  If you want to use HGH for sports as an added advantage, make sure you are not in a professional league, otherwise, it will be treated as illegal and ruin your career.

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