Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Having an erectile dysfunction issue can actually be difficult for any man.  If only this condition was concentrated on men who really do not have a need for erection for use in sexual activities.  Sadly, it is a condition that millions upon millions of men suffer.  Fortunately, these days, there is now a treatment for this condition.

When it comes to ED treatment, it is necessary that you work first with your doctor so he can properly assess and address the help you need with your erection issues.  ED treatment may involve something as simple as changing medications that causes a man to have ED, changing a certain lifestyle that you have, or taking some medications to treat the condition.  It can also be as complex as inserting or injecting medications into the penis.

Adjusting Medications – there are actually a lot of medications in the market today, particularly prescription medications that are able to cause impotence on whoever takes them, particularly when you have been taking them for some time.  One of the most notorious medications that can lead to ED issues are drugs that are designed to treat depression and psychosis.  Some antihistamines, muscle relaxants, prostate cancer medications, diuretics, and anti-hypertensive drugs are also know for causing erectile issues.

Lifestyle Improvement – if you are the type of person that smoke, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, or is obese, then to have ED issues seems quite inevitable.  In order to revert any erection issues that you have, a lifestyle improvement for the good is necessary.  Should an erection be necessary to participate in sexual intercourse, the issue can temporarily be aided with oral medications that will enable them to have an erection.  Once the lifestyle improvement has been improved, the erection issue can be checked to see whether it too has been improved and reverted back.

Oral Medications – oral medications that are intended to treat erectile dysfunction are all PDE5 inhibitors.  This means that they block the degenerative action caused by PDE5 towards the smooth muscle cells.  Oral medications such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are now widely known worldwide and have become synonymous towards the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Since these medications were first released back in 1998, they have helped men achieve erection and have been able to participate in sexual intercourse effectively.  The advent of PDE5 inhibitors gave men with ED issues a sort of new lease in life as they are no longer subject to ridicule of not being able to please their mates.

Injections – these injections are basically medications that are directly injected towards the corpus cavernosum, the cavity inside the penis that needs to be filled with blood to attain an erection.  This type of treatment is very effective and has very few known side effects.  Possibly the only downside to using injections is that it is painful and can leave scarring.  But if oral medications fail, this is usually the only solution the can help you with your erection issues.

Suppository – these are pellet-like medications that are inserted on the opening of the urethra.  This technique of treating erectile dysfunction is not as popular as the other methods because it brings about pain as well as urethral bleeding.  The method has practically been phased out ever since the advent of oral medications.

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