Simple Effective Tips on Boosting the Immune System

The immune system is very important for us because without it, we would probably get sick every week and may not even have the chance to see old age because enduring the many diseases you will be encountering throughout life can tire and wither the body.  This is why we need to take care of our immune system.  Fortunately, our immune system is practically maintenance free so instead of maintaining it to take care of it, we need to boost it when taking care of it.  The list below shows several tips on how to boost the immune system.

  1. Regular Exercise – if you are really interested in boosting your immune system, then you need to get yourself active.  By performing some cardio exercises three times a week for at least 20 minutes each will help to increase your immune function.  Doing some jogging, swimming, dancing, biking, and other forms of exercises that can get your heart rate up is good for you because exercise is known to help increase the releases of endorphins in the body.  The advantage to doing these activities is that it not only increases your immune function, but you will also be building up some stamina while having improved sleep and sense of well-being.
  2. Get Adequate Sleep – when the body is fatigued it is more susceptible to diseases.  This is simply demonstrated how you are more prone to getting colds when you don’t have enough sleep.  In a recent study where scientists only gave their subjects 4 hours to sleep each night for six consecutive nights after which they gave each of their subjects a flu vaccine.  The result was conclusive for the study team that less sleep makes you more susceptible to disease because each of their subjects with less sleep only produced around half the number of antibodies as compared to control subjects that had adequate sleep.
  3. Do Some Relaxation Techniques – stress is a big factor that can suppress our immune system.  By doing some relaxation techniques, you can somehow reduce the stress in your body so your immune system is not suppressed.  Reducing stress levels can help you sleep much better at night, also a big factor if you want to boost your immune system.  Yoga and meditation are two of the most known techniques that can help you relax.
  4. Eat Food Rich in Antioxidants – having a diet that is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants will greatly help in boosting your immune system.  Since the body also creates free radicals – an agent that damages cells – something that can be stopped by the presence of antioxidants.  This is because antioxidants help to neutralize these free radicals and prevent the development and progression of many diseases.  Supplementation such as GH releasers is also helpful in boosting the immune system.
  5. Laughter is the Best Medicine – getting yourself to laugh is not just good for your health and immune system, but it is also good in decreasing your stress levels.  Laughter also releases endorphins as well as the release of growth hormones, all of which have a positive effect on your immune system.

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