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Most people hardly think of men as caring too much of their physical appearances, probably because they hardly go to salons to have do-overs with their image.  While this may be true in a sense, men are however concerned about the thought of going bald, particularly with androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

The thing about androgenic alopecia is that it is not a rare condition and that tens of millions of men from all over the world suffer from it.  This condition is actually hereditary which means if your father or your brother has the condition, most likely ever male from that same family will have a 50-50 chance of inheriting the condition.  Those who though often have to deal with the embarrassment of going bald, along with the negative emotions that go along with it.  Fortunately, there is now a medication that can effectively treat this condition not just on the roots of the hair, but at the root of what causes it.

Why the term male pattern baldness?

Well, the reason behind the term is that the balding process follows a certain pattern.  At first, the condition will manifest as a receding hairline at the temples roughly evident by the thinning of hair strands on that location.  The thinning of hair at the crown or at the top of the head also occurs.  Without any intervention, the thinning of hair will eventually become hair loss as the hair follicles can no longer support the growth of hair strands.  Once the receding of hairline in the front meets with the balding at the top of the head, what remains is normally hair at the sides and back of the head.  Again, if no effective intervention is done to stop this, eventually the head will become totally bald.

The main reason why men become overly conscious about baldness is mostly due to vanity and not because of any health issues.  Since baldness is more of a physical condition instead of a disease, others are okay with it and do not dwell on it too much, while others are simply torn down emotionally by the thought they are going bald and that it greatly demerits their physical appearance.  This is why others go through a lot when they know they are going bald, and getting depressed and losing self-confidence are just some of the more common traits that follows this condition.

Finasteride, the trust treatment!

Prior to the discovery of finasteride 1mg, men who suffered from male pattern baldness often resorted to hair growing formulas or wigs.  The problem with the use of hair growing formulas is that itching and skin irritation may occur from its application.  Other, but more unsightly problem is that the strands of hair sometimes come at different thickness.

The only true way to stop male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is through the use of finasteride 1mg.  This is one of only two medications that have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of androgenic alopecia.  In fact, that alone should be enough to convince any skepticism because that would be like trying to question the integrity, knowledge, and professionalism of the people from the FDA.

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