Effective Methods on How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair

Whether you consider your hair as an asset or not, it is still important that you take good care of it.  These days, a lot of hair treatment methods that allows you have your hair the way you want are easily available.  In fact, you can choose from a variety of hair styles these days that are offered by hair salons.  They are able to transform your hair regardless of what hair texture you have thanks to the assortment of hair treatment chemicals at their disposal.   However, undergoing such chemical treatments frequently can damage your hair making it very dry and brittle.  In addition to this, the availability of hair styling equipment at home such as heated hair curlers, straightening irons, and hair dryers can add additional damage to your already dry and damaged hair.

In order to remedy the current condition of your hair, you not only need to stop placing any chemicals on your hair, but you also need to adapt several tried and tested methods in improving the overall condition of dry and damaged hair.  The list below shows a few of them:

Shampoo Method – our hair contains natural oils which get washed off by shampooing daily.  Try to shampoo your hair only three times a week to allow the natural oils to set in.  If you need to shampoo everyday due to professional work, try placing hair conditioner first before applying shampoo.  That way when you rinse it off, many of the natural essential oils in your hair will still be there.  Also, if you need to stay under the sun for prolonged periods, applying leave-on conditioners is a must.

Protein Treatments – if there are hair treatments intended for designing hair, there are also hair treatments that can help nourish your hair.  Protein treatments are the best friend of dry and damaged hair because the protein in the mix has been engineered to penetrate into the cuticles of the damage hair and filling in the gap.  This way, your hair no longer has the cracks brought about by dry hair.  It is important to remember however that not every hair protein treatment packs are the same as some are stronger than others.  This makes it important to choose the one most suitable for your hair condition so you get the most for what you pay for.

Get Frequent Haircuts – our hair is known to grow by as much as 6 inches per year.  For someone with dry and damaged hair, it is unhealthy for the hair not to be trimmed regularly.  Regular trimming means that the tip of the hair which is bound to have split ends will be removed with frequency, leaving you with hair that is much stronger and looking healthier.  A hair cut every three weeks instead of every three months is recommended for this method.

Mayonnaise Magic – to make you hair healthier, try to apply a decent amount of mayonnaise on your hair and spread it all over as if you were shampooing and applying conditioner.  Then try to massage your scalp with it using your fingers.  Cover your hair with cling wrap and leave it on overnight.  In the morning, rinse the mayonnaise thoroughly followed by some shampooing.  Once you have rinse and dried off your hair, you will have a healthy and well-nourished hair.

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