Different Treatments Available for Erectile Dysfunction

One of the worst things that could ever happen to a man is to have a condition called erectile dysfunction (ED).  This condition is basically the inability to achieve an erection wherein a man is no longer capable of sexual intercourse due to the fact that limp penis cannot do vaginal penetration.  If you are sexually active and suddenly suffer from this condition, it is nearly like saying goodbye to the pleasures brought about by sex.  Fortunately, we no longer live in an era where all you can do is to accept the fate that you have been given.  These days, there are plenty of treatments for erectile dysfunction and they are more or less effective in providing you the rigidness needed for a successful sexual intercourse.

ED Medication – These is probably the most effective way to achieve an erection.  These medications, classified as PDE5 inhibitor drugs, works by providing you a natural form of erection.  Since an erection is basically the compression of blood inside a cavity, PDE5 inhibitor drugs also do the same action.  The active ingredient within the drug instructs the muscles that lines the penis to loosen up so blood can be pumped inside the corpus cavernosum, a cavity within the penis that when engorged with blood makes the penis erect.  There are different medications that belong to this class – vardenafil, tadalafil, sildenafil, and avanafil.  All these drugs, despite having different active ingredients, provide the same action in helping men with ED get an erection.

Penis Pump – Contrary to what many believe, penis pumps are not intended to make your penis grow bigger, but they make it look like the penis grows bigger with this contraption because it allows men with erectile dysfunction to have an erection.  This device works by drawing blood into the shaft of the penis though vacuum.  This then makes the penis swell and thus become erect.  After the penis becomes erect, a type of rubber band is then slid down to the base of the shaft to help retain the erection.  Although some find this effective, there are others who do not.  Some in fact have incurred injuries in their penis because their devices were not equipped with quick release features.  This meant that the vacuum within the tube cannot be released on demand.

Penis Implants – this is a form of prosthesis wherein an inflatable material is surgically placed inside the penis.  Prior to sexual intercourse, the material is then inflated with air or fluid using a pump.  When the reservoir of the material becomes inflated, an erection occurs, allowing the man with ED to successfully have sexual intercourse with their partner.  After sexual intercourse, the reservoir is then deflated and the air or fluid returns back to the pump making the penis become flaccid again.  The main disadvantage of using this form of treatment for erectile dysfunction is that there is a possibility of a mechanical failure which will then lead to another surgical operation for the removal of the implant.

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