Common Symptoms Associated with Aging

The aging process is something that we all have to go through.  Perhaps the only difference is that not many of us will go through it to the point of becoming elderly.  Everyone knows that the elderly are riddled with wrinkles, gray hair, stained teeth, spotted hands, sagging skin and chest due to decreased muscle tone, and many more.  The thing is, most of what we see is just the physical signs of aging.  The elderly people are sometimes going through a lot more than just the physical ones we see.  Should you get to experience any of the things they are going through, you’ll see just how tough the elderly really are.

Old people, particularly those in their 70s or older tend to have memory lapses.  It’s not like they really want it.  But oftentimes, you can see them trying hard to remember something they know they know but to no avail.  This is actually forgiven considering their age.  There are others however whose memory seems to stay sharp even when they are in their mid-80s.  This is more likely because their neurons are still intact mostly due to constant use of their brains – more like they never really stopped memorizing.  The truth is, having daily intellectual conversations, reading, thinking, and solving puzzles can help make the memory stay sharp.

One of the more common condition found with the elderly is osteoarthritis.  This condition is more like a wear-and-tear of the joints wherein the rubbing of bone-to-bone creates excruciating pain.  The cartilage is what protects us from this.  However, with age, this cartilage breaks down creating the osteoarthritis condition.  If you see old people in wheelchair, it is likely that they have this condition and are having difficulty from walking from one point to another.  The only problem though is that they become over reliant on their wheelchair that their leg atrophies due to lack of exercise.

Another common symptom found among the elderly is loss or decreased vision and hearing.  If you try to observe, you will notice a lot of elderly people wearing eyeglasses due to decreased vision.  If they are not wearing any, it’s either they choose not to or they are wearing contact lenses.  Sometimes, aside from just decrease in vision due to cataracts, astigmatism, and other eye complications, they develop glaucoma which is an eye disease that causes permanent visual impairment.  Hearing loss is another common symptom found among the elderly.  Fortunately, there are now technologically advanced hearing aids that are not just inconspicuous, but also very effective and reliable.

If women undergo menopause, a good number of unfortunate elderly gents suffer from erectile dysfunction.  This is the inability to achieve an erection for the purpose of sexual intercourse.  While this is a common disorder among men, it is an embarrassing condition that most men would not talk about.  This condition can be the result of surgery, disease, or prescription medications that these elderly gents are taking.  Fortunately, thanks to oral medications, particularly PDE5 inhibitors, this case is somewhat irrelevant as these cures enable them to have temporary use of their manhood.

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