Can I Take Avanafil with Coumadin? Is This Possible?

Taking Coumadin and avanafil together does not really pose any problem since there is no significant or distinct interaction between them.  In addition, the half-life of avanafil is only 5 hours so the overall effective time of the drug within the body will not last the long, so should there be a reaction, it will just be brief and can be waited out.  Nevertheless, before consuming or combining any medications, it is appropriate that you take the necessary precautions.  Make sure to consult your physician first and tell him your concern and your intention of taking two medications together.

If you will buy avanafil and plan to take them, make sure that you do not take them along with nitrate drugs.  The reason for this is that avanafil alone can decrease your blood pressure and to use it with medications meant for lowering or maintaining high blood pressure simply means the lowering dose for your blood pressure becomes double and this can be very dangerous, especially without any speedy medical intervention, the resulting condition may become fatal.  The use of erectile dysfunction treatment drugs can be very dangerous when used without proper direction for your doc.  Make sure that when you are going to buy avanafil that you have proper prescription and directions from your doctor.

As mentioned, the use of any ED treatment drugs can be very dangerous when used without proper directions and precautions.  When you buy avanafil, it is important to consult your doc first and have him prescribe you with the right dosage.  Your doc will be able to do this properly if you disclose important issues relevant to your doctor prescribing you the right dosage, such as past ailments and diseases, allergies you know that you have, and the current medication you are taking.  Such will give your physician the needed information to prescribe you the dose that is suitable for you.  If you are taking any medications that may contraindicate with avanafil, it is likely that your doctor will change those medications or may lower your dosage of avanafil.  Whatever the decision your physician makes, be sure to stick to the directions properly.

Additional Information

Stendra is the trade and branded name for avanafil.  This drug is primarily used for erectile dysfunction treatment.  It is classified under PDE5 inhibitor, the same classification the Viagra belongs to.  When you are going to buy avanafil, your dosage options come in 50, 100, and 200mg.  This makes it relatively important to know the right dosage suited for you beforehand.  Getting the right dosage can only be given to you via the prescription of your doctor.

If you buy avanafil but think that the dose is not enough or is a bit strong for you, make it a point to never ever self-adjust your dosaging.  This is because the dosage given to you by your physician is what he deems the right dosage for you will be.  Instead, contact your physician and disclose any of your concerns so he can give you the go signal for any necessary adjustments.

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