A Brief Overview on the Human Growth Hormone

The growth hormone is naturally produced by our body, particularly by our pituitary gland, and is the one responsible for both the growth and development of our body.  This growth hormone tends to be produced largely during our youth and somewhat decreases production as we age.

The thing about growth hormones is that it doesn’t just provide growth and development for our body, but it also gives us energy, stamina, better metabolism, and better immune system.  Its regenerative properties also help us to recover faster from injuries as it helps to regenerate cells.  This regenerative property also happens to be the anti-aging properties that many people are looking for.  It is sort of the closest alternative people will ever get to get to the mythological ‘fountain of life.’

There are children and adults though who are unlucky to have significant deficiency in their growth hormones.  Growth hormone deficiency in children is called pediatric GH deficiency, while in adult it is called adult GH deficiency.  HGH or human growth hormone is the term they use for growth hormone supplementation such as the use of synthetically made growth hormones found in injectable types, or releasers such as those found on pills.  The role of using HGH to boost growth hormone levels, particularly once you become deficient of it, proves to be a lot beneficial because it not only helps you increase energy and stamina levels, but it also helps in making someone looking more youthful.

HGH Therapy

There are two kinds of HGH therapy – the use of synthetically made human growth hormones administered intravenously via injections, and the use of releasers that stimulates the natural release of growth hormones from the pituitary glands and administered orally via pills.

If the therapy is crucial, the method likely to be used will be injections as synthetic growth hormones are administered directly into the bloodstream, thereby instantly increasing HGH levels inside the body.  In fact, the Food and Drug Administration only approves the use of HGH injections in cases such as children suffering from Turner’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, chronic renal insufficiency, and idiopathic short stature.  For adults, the accepted uses of HGH injections by the FDA are for the treatment of wasting syndrome of AIDS, and for HGH deficiency.  The main problem in using HGH injections is that they are expensive and risks you of side effects if not monitored by a medical professional

HGH therapy that comes in the form pills/releasers for supplementation on the other hand is considered to be the safer option.  This is because unlike injections where HGH is injected directly into the bloodstream, with releasers, the increase of growth hormone levels is done though the stimulation of the pituitary gland, telling it to increase the production of growth hormones in the body.  The best thing about pills/releasers is that they contain all natural ingredients, such as a concoction of amino acids that the body may be familiar with, but functions to kindle the increase in production of the growth hormone.  Through this type of therapy, all the benefits of having normal levels of growth hormones similar to that of during our youth can be attained.

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