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Benefits of Nolvadex Tamoxifen

June 24th, 2014 — 6:59pm

The SERM drug nolvadex tamoxifen is so far the oldest yet the most prescribed medication by doctor for breast cancer treatment. The US Food and Drugs authority has approved nolvadex tamoxifen for treating hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. Not only does it serve as a treatment for early stage to advanced stage breast cancer but nolvadex tamoxifen is also recommended for women who are at higher risk of developing cancer. Either ways you can benefits a lot from using nolvadex tamoxifen unlike the other similar drugs like aromatase inhibitors.

In the past, women with breast cancer are being treated with aromatase inhibitor drugs to suppress the production of estrogen, an active female hormone that promotes the development of breast tumors. However the disadvantage with this drug is that it can completely supress estrogen production. The other parts of the body also need estrogen for normal functioning, but its absence could lead to other complications. This is why nolvadex tamoxifen has been designed to compensate on this negative effects of aromatase inhibitors. Instead of supressing estrogen production, nolvadex tamoxifen competes with eestrogen from binding into the active receptor sites of the tumor. This natural capabilities of nolvadex tamoxifen have helped millions of women around the globe in fighting breast cancer. Continue reading »

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Buy Ciprofloxacin Online

June 9th, 2014 — 6:58pm

The online marketing is becoming a more powerful tool for most people as we continue the age of information. Almost everything can be availed over the internet with great convenience. Now eve medicines can already be purchased online just like any other over the counter drugs. A lot of people have switched on buying their medications over the internet to gain discounts and lessen the cost of their medical expenses.

With so many infections common these days a lot of antibiotic drugs were also designed to help you combat against these ailments. Ciprofloxacin is just among the most powerful antibiotic drug for treating almost any types of infections caused by bacteria. You buy ciprofloxacin to treat pneumonia, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted infections caused by bacteria, skin infections, and many more. For serious applications, you should only buy ciprofloxacin for treatment under a doctor’s care. Small children and older adults should buy ciprofloxacin if they have been prescribed by their doctors with the drug. Continue reading »

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